Setting up a printer that uses Apple Talk

To print to a printer that is directly connect to your Mac, you will still be using Apple Talk,
but it will be configured slightly different than it was before.
Follow the steps below to correctly setup your Apple Talk.
Note:	You may want to delete any existing printer icons that are on your desktop,
except those created when setting up LPR, since you will be recreating a new printer
icon during this procedure and might get confused if multiple icons exist.
If you are using LaserWriter Bridge, you will need to disable it.
This will prevent the computer from trying to share out your printer,
which is using Apple Talk, over the network, which is no longer Apple Talk compatiable.
Use your Extensions Manager to disable it.
Make sure that you look in the Control Panel section for the LaserWriter Bridge.
If you do not know how to use Extensions Manager or do not have an Extensions Manager,
then open up the Control Panel folder and drag the LaserWriter Bridge icon out onto your desktop.
(If you do not see a LaserWriter Bridge icon, then you have not been using it.)
Although our network will not require the use of the LaserWriter Bridge any longer,
if you forsee using this computer at another location in the future,
you may want to keep this icon in a folder on the side in case you wish to reinstall the bridge.
After disabling or removing the LaserWriter Bridge from the Control Panel, you will need to restart the computer.
After the restart, go back into your Control Panel and select AppleTalk.
In the windows there will be a drop down box with the words Connect via:
next to it.  Select Printer Port.  Your computer will need a little while to reconfigure the port.
Don't worry about the Setup box on the bottom.  It should say no zones available.
After it's done, close the box and select Save.
Now select Chooser and the loaded drivers should appear on the left.  Select the LaserWriter 8 icon.
After a short pause, a list of printers should appear on the right.
The only printer in that box should be the printer that the computer is directly connected to.
Select the printer and press the Create button.
After the printer icon is created, you'll know this because
the Create button will change to Setup, close the Chooser. You now are setup to print.
Remember, with this setup, you are no longer dependent on the network to print.
So even during a downtime, you will still have access to your individual printer.