Connecting via USB to Windows on a single account

Note: When a printer is added this way, only the logged in account that added the printer will see it.

When you hook up to a printer with a USB, drivers will normally install automatically which will allow your computer to recognize and interact with the printer. If it's not then you will have to look up the model of the printer and manually install the drivers yourself. To add a printer onto windows if it's not already added, first go to the start menu and go to "Devices and Printers" then in the top left there should be a "Add Printer" button.

Devices and Printers

After clicking it, follow the instructions and it should be added. If you can't find the printer to add then double check to make sure it's connected properly and that the drivers are installed first.

Set as default printer

Once it's added you can right click the printer and select "Set as default printer" to make it the default choice every time you print.

Connecting to a network printer on bambam with Windows

Note: You need to be logged onto Windows with your SOEST account with a connection to the SOEST network for this to work.

  1. First go to the Start Menu and type \\bambam in the search bar and hit enter. Alternatively type in \\bambam in the search bar of 'My Documents' and hit enter
  2. Bambam
  3. Find your network printer in the list and double click on it. The printer should automatically install and connect to your computer

Connecting so the printer is connected to all users

Adding a printer this way will allow multiple people that share the same computer to use this printer without having to re-add it every time someone new uses the computer. This will only work on network printers.

Devices and Printers