SSH Secure Shell Client ITS

You can download the SSH Secure Shell program from the UH ITS. After you download the program you can double-click on it to install it. Afterwards running the program will look like this,


If you click "Quick Connect" the following prompt will appear below. Enter the hostname/mail server and your SOEST username. Examples of hostnames are akule, mano, and iniki. If you're trying to access your home directory, logging into either akule, mano, or iniki will automatically log you into your home directory. If you're connecting to a SOEST server from outside the SOEST network then you need to add after the server name. For example, akule would be

SSH Connect

Afterwards it will prompt you for your password. If you're logging in with your SOEST account then enter your SOEST password.

SSH Passowrd

Now you should be logged into whatever server you specified. For information of how to navigate a server with


Alternatively you can download PuTTY. Double-clicking on PuTTY once you download it will automatically activate the program without having to install it. Once activated, a window as below should appear. You can type in the hostname (in this example it's akule), and the port is 22 by default for SSH.


After clicking "Open" in the window after entering the hostname, it'll open a window which will ask for your login information as shown below. When you type in your password nothing will show up but it's there. Hit "Enter" after you're done typing in every prompt.

PuTTY Login


If you're using a Mac then you can use the terminal which is located in the Utilities folder within the Applications folder.