Date:      23 July, 2007 (Revised May 22, 2008)*

From:      Judy Rubano, Director of Administration
	   *Juanita Andaya, Director of Administration

Subject:   Explanation of new SOEST network fee categories
           in effect as of 1 July, 2007

We have initiated an annual review of SOEST network connections (IP 
addresses) that are paid by the Dean and in doing so have set new 
categories and requirements for those connections.  We have expanded 
the Instructional (INS) category into three groups for greater 
clarity and to assist us in tracking users and usage. The 
designators and definitions of all categories are listed below.

The Dean pays for all network connections that are classified as
Administrative (ADM) and the old broad category of Instructional which 
is now broken out into INS, GR1 and TAS. We will be asking that the 
unit heads certify on an annual basis the accuracy of assigned IPs 
associated with their department or division.

The Chair of each academic department must validate and authorize 
requests for ADM, INS, GR1, and TAS.  That authorization must be 
forwarded to the Director of Administration for the final approval.  
Once the Director of Administration sends that final approval to RCF, 
the IP can be given that status.

Charges for SOEST network IP's are still at $300/year billed quarterly 
and an extra charge of $125 for each SUN workstation to cover scholarpak
software and updates.

*Effective July 1, 2008, SOEST Network IPs will be 
$400/year, billed quarterly.

Quarterly bills will display all IP's associated with the "Responsible 
Party" to which the bill was sent.  If they have ADM/INS/GR1/TAS status,
they will be marked $0.0 charge.   In this manner the "Responsible Party" 
will always be aware of the machines associated with them.


2007 SOEST Network Fee Categories:

ADM - Administrative: These computers are used in support of those
      functions supported primarily by institutional funds. These would
      include central administrative functions such as SOEST Fiscal and
      Personnel, the administrative offices of the academic departments
      (OCE, GG, MET, and ORE) and research divisions, and the
      administrative offices of the research institutes. The connection
      charge for these computers will be paid by the SOEST Dean's
      office.  Responsible party listed for these IPs will be the
      Dept/Div that they serve to help associate them with the work
      they are doing.
INS - Instructional: These computers are general use machines
      accessible by multiple users; typically part of an instructional
      computer lab.  The connection charges for these computers will be
      paid by the SOEST Dean's Office.

TAS - These computers are used by graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs).
      Connection charges for these computers will be paid by the SOEST
      Dean's Office.

GR1 - These computers are used by first-year graduate students. The
      connection charges for these computers will be paid by the SOEST
      Dean's Office. Computers used primarily by post-first-year
      graduate students who are not TAs will be considered to be RSH.
      At the end of the first year period, the fee status will change
      to RSH billable to responsible party associated with the IP.
RSH - Research: These computers are used primarily to conduct or promote
      research, or for operational support of extramurally funded
      programs or projects. They may be located in a program office or
      center, in a laboratory or in the office of a researcher, and
      includes computers used for administrative functions of
      extramurally funded programs. In addition to the PI, users may
      include program staff, postdocs, and grad students beyond their
      first year who are not TAs. The network fees for these computers
      will be billed to the PI of the associated center, program, or
      research project.

Printers, plotters, and other peripheral equipment connected to the
      network are not subject to a connection fee.   They will be
      designated by the category in which they are associated.  
      ex. a printer in a class room will have designation "INS" but 
      not be billed;
      a printer in a research office will have designation "RSH" but
      not be billed.

OTH - Other:	These computers do not fit any of the above categories, 
      but you feel the Dean's office should pay for the connection. 
      (i.e. Emiritus, Fullbright Scholar, Young Investigator,...)

(Request can be made by anyone with a valid SOEST user account)