Drift Expedition Leg 6: GMT Bourne shell scripts

This page contains a list of all the GMT and/or Bourne shell scripts used to generate this web site. The scripts may also be modified to do slightly different plots than the ones displayed, and may serve as inspiration to do other neat stuff. The scripts are reasonably well documented so you should be able to find your way around. The scripts may be copied freely. Note that many of the scripts are using GMT version 4 beta; If GMT 4 is not released by the time you plan to use these scripts, please email the GMT guru for instructions on how to get the beta release.

makefile			makefile Unix makefile used to run all scripts and tasks
drft06rr_index			drft06rr_index Makes the cruise home page and icon
drft06rr_regional		drft06rr_regional Makes the regional web page
drft06rr_box			drft06rr_box Makes the web page for each box A-G
drft06rr_smtpage		drft06rr_smtpage Makes the web page summary for all seamounts
drft06rr_dredgepage		drft06rr_dredgepage Makes the web page summary of all dredges
drft06rr_all_smts_dredges	drft06rr_all_smts_dredges Loops over all smts and dredges and makes their web pages
drft06rr_smt			drft06rr_smt Makes the web page for each seamount target
drft06rr_dredge			drft06rr_dredge Makes the web page for each dredge
drft06rr_misc			drft06rr_misc Makes the miscellaneous web page
drft06rr_photos			drft06rr_photos Makes the photos web page
drft06rr_links			drft06rr_links Makes the exteral links web page
drft06rr_scripts		drft06rr_scripts Makes this web page (scripts)
drft06rr_bar			drft06rr_bar Makes the sinusoid-circle dividing line
drft06rr_buttons		drft06rr_buttons Loops over all required buttons and calls button scripts
drft06rr_rectbutton		drft06rr_rectbutton Makes a single rectangular button gif image
drft06rr_roundbutton		drft06rr_roundbutton Makes a single round button gif image
drft06rr_logo			drft06rr_logo Makes the cruise home page logo
drft06rr_wallpaper		drft06rr_wallpaper Plots the contour map background image
drft06rr_regionalmap		drft06rr_regionalmap Plots the overview map for the regional page
drft06rr_summarymap		drft06rr_summarymap Plots the summary map for the cruise
drft06rr_poster			drft06rr_poster Plots the 35" x 18" summary poster
drft06rr_boxmap			drft06rr_boxmap Plots the map for each box
drft06rr_smtmap			drft06rr_smtmap Plots the map for each seamount target
drft06rr_dredgemap		drft06rr_dredgemap Plots the map for each dredge site
drft06rr_dredgetime		drft06rr_dredgetime Utility needed by drft06rr_dredgemap
drft06rr_gridxyz		drft06rr_gridxyz Grids the xyz ascii data into GMT grids for each box
drft06rr_ps2jpg			drft06rr_ps2jpg Converts PostScript plots into jpg images
drft06rr_sscan			drft06rr_sscan Renames and organizes sidescan images
drft06rr_wp2lis			drft06rr_wp2lis Reformats the waypoints email into smt and dredge lists
drft06rr_boxes.lis drft06rr_boxes.lis Coordinates for each box
drft06rr_smts.lis drft06rr_smts.lis Coordinates for each seamount target
drft06rr_dredges.lis drft06rr_dredges.lis List of seamount/box for each dredge

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