Drift Expedition Leg 6: Miscellaneous Files

This page contains a list of miscellaneous data files such as tables of published dredge locations and dated samples, lines and points files used for plots, and the chief scientist's original waypoint lists.

glor07mv_rocks.d		glor07mv_rocks.d Gloria 7 dredge locations
glor07mv_dates.d		glor07mv_dates.d Gloria 7 dated samples [Duncan]
glor07mv_no_rocks.d		glor07mv_no_rocks.d Gloria 7 unsuccessful dredge locations
Oconnor_rocks.d			Oconnor_rocks.d O'Connor et al dredge locations
Oconnor_dates.d			Oconnor_dates.d O'Conner et al dated samples
Bonatti_rocks.d			Bonatti_rocks.d Bonatti et al dredge locations
Bonatti_dates.d			Bonatti_dates.d Bonatti et al dated samples
Clark_and_Dymond_rocks.d	Clark_and_Dymond_rocks.d Clark & Dymand dredge locations
Hydros_rocks.d			Hydros_rocks.d Hydros 1 dredge locations
misc_rocks.d			misc_rocks.d Misc. dredge locations
waypoints.txt			waypoints.txt Original waypoints file from Naar
200nm_line.d			200nm_line.d Calculated 200 nm line near Peru
moai_outline.d			moai_outline.d xy-file for Moai outline (for logo)
DRFT06RR_dredges.xls DRFT06RR_dredges.xls Excel spreadsheet with dredge information
DRFT06RR.ppt DRFT06RR.ppt DRFT06RR Powerpoint presentation
Cruise.Report.doc Cruise.Report.doc Cruise Report (MS Word format)
drft06rr.AppC.TOC.pdf drft06rr.AppC.TOC.pdf Cruise Report Appendix C Table of Contents
drft06rr.magnetics.jpg drft06rr.magnetics.jpg Cruise Report Figure 1 (Isocrhons from Cande et al, 1989)
drft06rr.summary.jpg drft06rr.summary.jpg Cruise Report Figure 2 (Dredge summary)
drft06rr.tectonics.jpg drft06rr.tectonics.jpg Cruise Report Figure 3 (Tectonic Interpretation)

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