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Cruise Participants

David Naar, Univ. of S. Florida, Chief Scientist
Kevin Johnson, Bishop Museum, Co-Chief
Doug Pyle, Oregon State Univ., Co-Chief
Paul Wessel, Univ. of Hawaii, Co-Chief
Greg Berman and Kate Ciembronowicz, USF
Brian Donahue and Leigh Ann Elgin, USF
Yasushi Harada and Jyotiranjan S. Ray, UH
Chris Russo, Oregon State Univ.
Hetu Sheth, Univ. of Hawaii
Amy Wright, Univ. of S. Florida

(in spirit: Robert Duncan, Co-PI, OSU and John Mahoney, Co-PI, UH)

This web site serves as an online companion to the official cruise report for DRFT06RR, the Easter/Salas y Gomez/Nazca Survey Cruise Drift Leg 6 on the R/V Revelle, Nov. 5 - Dec. 14, 2001 (Callao, Peru to Easter Island, Chile). Use the buttons below to access the whole region, one of the 7 subdivisions (box A-G), targeted seamounts, individual dredges, photos, map- and web-making scripts, miscellaneous data files, related external links, and the printable (PDF) Cruise Report document.

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