Satellite Algorithms

Satellites images allow us to measure the large scale processes or those which are difficult to sample. Satellite radiance is a combination of light scattered from the atmosphere and the surface. When one is studying atmospheric processes (clouds, aerosols, water vapor, trace gasses, etc.), then the light coming from the surface reflection must be removed. On the other hand, light scattered from the atmosphere must be removed when one is attempting to study surface processes (ocean color, land vegetation, etc.). Numerous modern satellites are now avaiable for research of ocean, land, and atmospheric properties. The figure below shows the aerosol optical depths near Hawaii (Porter, PhD Thesis, 1993). The Hawaii volcano plume is evident as a plume which flows downwind from the big Island of Hawaii. This image was processed from an AVHRR image.

Atmospheric Aerosols From Satellite

Atmospheric Water Vapor From Satellite

Atmospheric Correction For Ocean Color Satellite