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Zipped data files contain 1) grid data file (GMT or ASCII), 2) high-res JPG of image, and 3) explanatory metadata text file (identical to linked file listed below).

40m grid data
5m grid data
Merged Multibeam Bathymetry, IKONOS Derived Depths

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PRIA: Palmyra Atoll

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Image of Palmyra Atoll.Palmyra Atoll has the largest land mass of the six islands of the central U.S. Pacific Remote Island Area. It is located at 552′N 1626′W, 61 km (33 nautical miles) south of Kingman Reef, and lies in the center of the Line Island chain. Palmyra’s administrative status is unique in that it is owned by a private organization, The Nature Conservancy, but administered by the Office of Insular Affairs, DOI. In 2001 the USFWS established a NWR at Palmyra. More…


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Optical Validation

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