Kure Atoll

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IKONOS satellite image of Photo of Kure Atoll.

IKNOS image of Kure Atoll. (Click

thumbnail map to open a larger version.)

Kure Atoll, situated at the northwestern end of the Hawaiian Archipelago at 28.5°N, 178°W, is the northernmost atoll in the world. This classically shaped atoll encloses 0.86 sq. km of land including Green Island which was home to a Coast Guard-operated long range navigation (LORAN) station from the early 1960’s until 1992. The underlying basaltic structure is estimated to be 30 million years old. The coral reef environment includes 167 sq. km of banks with depths less than 100 m.

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Small Kure 20 meter grid image.


Small Kure 20 meter grid image.

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Small Kure 20 meter grid image.





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