French Frigate Shoals

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Photo of FFS.French Frigate Shoals is a large open atoll located at 23.75°N, 166.2°W. The underlying basalt structure is estimated to be 13.8 million years old. Tern Island is the largest island at FFS and was enlarged by the U.S. Navy just prior to World War II; numerous other small islets exist. The total land mass is only 0.23 sq. km but the large reef and adjacent banks include 733 sq. km of coral habitat at depths shallower than 100m.

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Benthic Habitat Map System

This integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) provides flexibility to develop unique combinations of acoustic & optical data to address management & research questions.


Small French Frigate 20 meter grid image.

Backscatter Imagery

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Optical Validation

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Benthic Habitat Data


Zipped bathymetry data files contain 1) grid data file (GMT or ASCII), 2) JPG and PDF of image, and 3) explanatory metadata text file.

5m grid data

Downloadable 1m grid data available on backscatter page

ArcGIS & ArcReader projects which integrate acoustic & optical data with reference to available terrestrial data.

Zipped data files contain 1) Arc ASCII file, 2) layer (.lyr) file for symbology, 3) high-res JPG of image, and 4) explanatory metadata text file (identical to linked file listed below).

5m grid data files