Apra Harbor: Geomorphology

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Zipped data files contain 1) Arc ASCII file, 2) layer (.lyr) file for symbology, 3) high-res JPG of image, and 4) explanatory metadata text file (identical to linked file listed below).

Substrate, Hard bottom vs. Soft bottom – 5 meter grid

Substrate : This is a preliminary product classified from sidescan and multibeam
bathymetry data.  Cell values reflect whether the seafloor is hard or
soft.  Please see the metadata for additional information.

Image map of Apra substrate.

Download this image as a high-res JPG or PDF

Hard vs. Soft substrate classification data files


Slope – 1 meter grid

Slope: Cell values reflect the maximum rate of change (in degrees) in elevation between neighboring cells. Slope was derived with the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension.

Image map of Apra slope.

Download this image as a high-res JPG or PDF

Slope data files

Rugosity – 1 meter grid

Rugosity: Cell values reflect the surface area and (surface area) / (planimetric area) ratio for the area contained within that cell’s boundaries. They provide indices of topographic roughness and convolutedness. (Jenness 2003)

Image map of Apra rugosity.

Download this image as a high-res JPG or PDF

Rugosity data files
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