Optical Cruise Data

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Data Product Descriptions

Towed Optical Assessment Device (TOAD) Tracks (ArcGIS shapefile): These files allow an ArcGIS user to plot the positions of the camera device during the survey period. The attributes of the shapfile (stored in the DBF file) include the results of video classification, and allow the Arc user to sort points by, for example, substrate type or living cover category. Zipped file includes DBF, PRJ, SBN, SBX, SHP, SHP.XML, and SHX files; the metadata and JPG files are also included.

TOAD Tow Video Files(MP4/YouTube): These files allow a user view optical data collected by the TOAD  camera device during the survey period.  Additionaly, instead of downloading, the files have been uploaded to YouTube for on demand streaming.

Metadata: A text file documenting all pertinent information specific to the cruise, year, research vessel, and camera sled model used during the collection period.

JPG: A high-resolution image of the track map. Separate track maps exist for each year of data collection, as well as a Master track map which displays all tow tracks together.

Benthic Habitat Classification Codes: A complete listing of the categories used in photo/video classification, including the category codes. These codes are the values which appear in the shapefiles’ attributes table.

ArcGIS-compatible symbology files: Two separate ESRI LYR files which enable the ArcGIS user to match the symbology of the downloaded shapefiles in their projects to that displayed in the maps on the PIBHMC website.

Download: Accessory Files

Metadata & Data Download

Tutuila Optical Data

Ta’u Optical Data

Ofu-Olosega Optical Data

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American Samoa Optical Data Map

View the Map Based Data Viewer for American Samoa Optical Data


A map based data viewer for optical seafloor imagery from American Samoa collected by the Pacific Islands Benthic Habitat Mapping Center (PIBHMC.) The data viewer includes an interactive map of the different islands in American Samoa, and camera sled dive points where the optical imagery were collected.

Clicking on any point along a dive track will open a box showing the classification of substrate type (sand, rock, rubble, etc.) and living cover (hard coral, macroalgae, etc.) for 5 equally spaced points along a horizontal line across the video screen at that location. The box also includes links to play/download the underwater tow video and associated optical data. Options to filter the data by island, cruise, tow and etc are also available.

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