Ofu and Olosega

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Photo of Ofu island beach.

The National Park of American Samoa, Ofu Island looking on to Olosega and Ta‘u Islands. (Click on it to open a larger version.)

Ofu and Olosega are part of the Manu‘a Island group in the U.S. Territory of American Samoa; these islands lie approximately 100 km northeast of Tutuila. Ofu and Olosega are steep, high, volcanic islands that lie only 75 m apart and are connected by a bridge and road built across the shallow reef flat. Ofu is the western island, and Olosega is the eastern island in the pair. Shallow multibeam mapping was conducted in 2004 and revealed ~60 sq. km of previously uncharted bank top (<300 m) that extends 0.2 to 2 km from shore and then drops abruptly to oceanic depths. An underwater portion of the National Park of American Samoa, which has exceptionally prolific coral growth, is located on the south shore of Ofu.

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