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NSF SGER Proposal

This project represents a partnership between USGS (HVO and AVO), 3 academic institutions, and IRIS with Paul Okubo of USGS-HVO acting as the overall coordinator. NSF (Geophysics) provided funding for the project "SGER Collaborative Research: Seismic and Geodetic Deployment in Anticipation of a Predicted Slow Earthquake at Kilauea Volcano" through the Small Grants for Exploratory Research program. Research PIs are:

Paul OkuboUSGS-HVO
Ben BrooksSOEST-UH
James FosterSOEST-UH
Cecily WolfeSOEST-UH
Cliff ThurberU Wisconsin
Paul SegallStanford
Mike PolandUSGS-HVO
Asta MikliusUSGS-HVO

Between Feb 15 and Feb 24 the team installed 21 broadband seismometers (from the USGS and IRIS pool), 6 continous GPS stations (from the Pacific GPS Facility's pool), and 2 tiltmeters (from an extension to Segall's NSF grant to study Kilauea). The plan is to leave the equipment in place for the next 6 months. Data retrieval will be through regular site visits.

People playing substantial roles in the installation of the equipment were: Lee Powell, Russell Sell, Chris Dietel, Kevan Kamibayashi, Maurice Sako, Michael Chandler, Seung-Sep Kim, Anna Priester, Steven Brantley and David Okita.

We would like to thank Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park for their cooperation and support in getting permits for the installation of the equipment for this research project.