General Education at the University of Hawaii (Chair of the UH Manoa Faculty Senate Committee on General Education 2005-2006), general education core curricula.

Curriculum design for undergraduate geology and geophysics majors.

Design of post-baccalaureate curricula for in-service teachers and earth and space science professionals.

Pedagogical reform in the teaching of introductory science courses at the freshman level.

Involvement of undergraduates and in-service teachers in active research projects.

    Young Scholars Program

In 1991 and 1992 the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology of the University of Hawaii at Manoa offered a summer science and engineering enrichment program to a total of 75 Hawaii students entering tenth through twelfth grades from 32 High Schools. The program was funded by the National Science Foundation's Young Scholars Program. Students participating in the program studied the chemical, biological, physical, and geological aspects of the Ala Wai Canal, a small artificial estuary in Waikiki, Hawaii. The program provided the students with an opportunity to participate in original research through multidisciplinary (Botany, Civil Engineering, Computer Sciences, Geology and Geophysics, Microbiology, Oceanography) scientific and engineering projects. Some students we co-authors on published results in refereed journals.  Results of the students' work have contributed to an increased understanding of the physical condition of the canal, the level of pollution involved, and the potential for cleanup.


        Faculty Status:

Graduate Faculty Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Hawaii, 1984 - present.
Graduate Faculty Department of Oceanography , University of Hawaii, 1988 - present.
Research Faculty, Hawaii Institute of Geophysics (Planetary Geosciences Division), 1987 - 1990
Departmental Research Faculty, Department of Geology and Geophysics, 1990 - 1994
Research Faculty, Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, 1994 - present
(The Planetary Geosciences group, through whom I have my UH position, transferred for a brief time to the Department of Geology and Geophysics (1990 - 1994) and then merged with the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics to form the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology in 1994.)

Courses Taught:

Undergraduate courses:
"Introductory Geology" (GG 101,:1985; 1991, with G. Fryer);  "Geology of the Hawaiian Islands" (1988, primary responsibility for course, with P. Mouginis-Mark;);  "Petrology "(1981, supplementing J. Sinton),  GG 108 "Special Topics in Geology" (1992, course organizer and instructor of one unit of a five-unit introductory level course), "Mineralogy laboratory and Optical Crystallography" (Fall 1993), "Geology of the Hawaiian Islands" (1993), Introductory Geology" (1995), "Geology of the Hawaiian Islands "(Fall 1995), "Mineralogy and Optical" (Fall 1995), "Introductory Geology" [Spring 1996], "Marine Geology" (GG 423) (Fall 1996, supplementing R. Moberly), GG 399 Senior Research (Spring 1999 for undergraduate student J. Redfern); Introductory Geology GG101, Summer Session #1 2003; Introductory Geology GG101, Fall 2003. Taught the metamorphic Geology portion (6 weeks) of GG 301 (Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology), Spring 2004. 

Graduate Courses:
Seminar in Convergent Margin Tectonics (1985, shared with B. Taylor); Seminar in Petrology of the Ocean Basins (1987, supplementing J. Sinton); Remote Sensing (1989, primary responsibility for course, with S. Zisk), Seminar in Tectonics (GG 672, Spring 1994, shared with B. Taylor);  Special Topics in Geology and Geophysics (GG 711,  Fall 1994, organized and taught classes in a new introductory geology course designed for in coming graduate students without a geology or geophysics bachelors degree), taught Directed Reading "Convergent Margins" (GG 799) (Fall 1997), taught the metamorphic petrology part of Accelerated Introduction to Geology I (GG 611) (Fall 1997), Taught directed reading in Mariana convergent margin studies (GG 799) (Fall 1998 to two graduate students), taught the metamorphic petrology part of Accelerated Introduction to Geology I (GG611) (Nov.-Dec. 1998).  Taught directed research (GG 699) to two students (N. Becker and J Gharib) each in Spring 98, Fall 98, and Spring 99.  Co-taught a graduate seminar in forearc processes (GG 711) in Fall 1999.  Directed Research (Fall 1999 for two students). Taught the metamorphic petrology part of Accelerated Introduction to Geology I (GG 611) (Fall 1999). Directed Research (GG699) (Spring 2000 for two students).  Fall 2000 Directed research (GG699) for two students.  Spring 2001 Directed research (for two students) and GG 614 Advanced field Studies (for one student). Fall 2001: taught the metamorphic petrology part of Accelerated Introduction to Geology I, GG611.  Fall 2002: Special Topics Seminar (GG711) “Submarine Geology of Island Arcs” co-taught with a colleague at university of Alaska Fairbanks via videoconferencing.  The course is being simultaneously telecast at the Univ. Hawaii and UAF campuses to students enrolled in the course at each institution. GG611 “Metamorphic Petrology” section, Fall 2003: Directed Research, GG699 (2 students) Fall 2003. Taught the Metamorphic portion of GG611 Fall 2004, taught Directed Research to 4 students Fall 2004.  Taught Directed Research (2 students)  Fall 2005, Supervised Thesis research (1 students) Fall 2005, Taught Metamorphic portion of GG611 (Advanced Intro Geology) Fall 2005 (5 students). 

Graduate Student Committees:

Ph.D. Committees, Chair:
Michael C. Jackson, 1984-1989 (PhD, G&G)
Lynn E. Johnson, 1986-1991 (PhD, G&G)
Nathan Becker, 1997 - 2005
Jamshid Gharib, 2000 – present
Tom Fedenczuk (2003-present)
Samuel Hulme (2004 -present)

Ph.D. Dissertation Committees, Member:
Elisabeth Ambos, 1984-1986 (PhD, G&G)
William Barry, 1985-1987 (G&G)
Lisa Gaddis, 1985-1987 (PhD, G&G)
Ann Arquit, 1986-1989 (PhD, Oceanog.)
Glenn R. Brown, 1985-1991 (PhD, G&G)
Susanne Smaglik, 1987-present (PhD, G&G)
Kevin Kelly, 1988-1995  (Oceanog.)
Alan King, 1992-1993 (G&G)
Adrienne Oakley, (GG) 2003- present
Arnaud Bossuyt (ORE) 2005

M.S. Thesis Committees, Chair:
Joan Gardner, 1984-1986 (G&G)
Kristine L. Saboda, 1985-1991 (MS, G&G)
Jill Mahoney, 1986-1991 (MS, G&G)
Nancy Baker, 1988-1992 (MS, G&G)
Sylvia Y. Newsom, 1987-1992 (MS, G&G)

M.S. Thesis Committees, Member:
Ken Beal, 1984-1987 (MS, G&G)
Kevin Kelly, 1986-1988  (MS, Oceanog.)
John Smith, 1987-1989 (MS, Oceanog.)
Ruth A. Multhaup, 1987-1991 (G&G)

Graduate Student Advisory Committees (Oceanography Dept.)
Kevin Kelly, 1989-1995  (PhD, Oceanog.)
John Smith, 1989-1994 (PhD, Oceanog.)
Mimi Baker, 1990-1992 (MS, Oceanog.)

PhD Comprehensive Examination Committee
Nathan Becker 2003
Jamshid Gharib 2004
Adrienne Oakley 2005
Josh Cahill 2005

Undergraduate Student Advisor (Geology and Geophysics Dept.):

Jeffrey Hocrath, 1991-1992
Sarah Shanahan, 1991- 1993
Amanda Kelly, 1992-1993
Marcael Ball, 1993
David  Davis, 1993-1996
Lester Sacks, 1993-1996
Christopher Frost, 1996-1998
Gregory Kent, 1996-1997
Erica Klohn, 1996-2000
Sherry Tams, 1996-1997, 1998-2000 for minor in G&G
Lani Dulay-Coloma, 1996-1998
Reed Ishimasa, 1997- 1999
Enrico Pisciotto, 1997-2000
Brian Dickinsen, 1997-2000
Juanita Redfern, 1998-1999
Carla Crissinger, 1998 - 2001

Graduate students, Graduates and others advised for NSTA certification:

          Maile Beach, 1995-1996
          Chad Buchanan, 1995
          Lewis Waldron, 1995
          Jim  Modeca, 1995
          Johnathan Lo, 1995
          Doug Meyer, 1996
          Johnny Macon, 1996
          Beverly Crum, 1996
          Jean Pounder, 1997
          David Baldwin, 1998-1999
          Kristy Hasegawa, 1998-1999
          Angela Adams, 1998

Undergraduate Ocean Drilling Project research trainees:

Brenda Yawn (Univ. of New Orleans, summer 1992)
Thomas Walters (Univ. Tulsa, summer 1993)

Research stipend support provided for

Michael C. Jackson, 1984-1989 (PhD, G&G)
Lynn E. Johnson, 1986-1991 (PhD, G&G)
Michael Knight, 1985 (PhD G&G)
Joan Gardner, 1984-1986 (G&G)
Kristine L. Saboda, 1985-1991 (MS, G&G)
Jill Mahoney, 1986-1991 (MS, G&G)
Nancy Baker, 1988-1992 (MS, G&G)
Sylvia Y. Newsom, 1987-1992 (MS, G&G)
Jamshid Gharib, 1996-present (MS, Oceanog.)
Nathan Becker, 1996-present (PhD G&G)

Undergrad students supported

Derek Shimabukuro, Ron Nelson, Laura Prishmont, Carol Yano, Brian Kudo, Jean Yamamura, Scott Ogasawara