Student support

ONR and ASA have provided funding to partially support student participation at DCLDE Oahu. Students must submit an abstract and present at DCLDE Oahu to be eligible. Funds will be awarded according to need, number of students, and anticipated cost for each student. Awards will not cover all costs, so students should anticipate finding additional sources of support.

To apply:

1) Indicate that you would like to be considered for student support on the abstract submission form when you submit your abstract. You will be asked for the following information:

  • Academic Institution Name, City, State, Country
  • Information & justification for support request: Describe your student status, areas of interest, and justification for workshop attendance (e.g. how will attending DCLDE Oahu benefit your current studies and/or academic future?)
  • Anticipated cost of participation (Include breakdown for travel, transportation, accommodation, registration etc)

2) Have your advisor send a letter of support to dclde2020 [at] by 15 November 2021