WP2: Participants

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Zackary Johnson (UH - Professor)
Prochlorococcus photophysiology 
Anna Ritchie (UH - Graduate Student) Prochlorococcus Photophysiology
Erik Zinser (UTK - Professor) Prochlorococcus diversity
Jeff Morris (UTK - Graduate Student) Oxidative Stress
Jeremy Chandler (UTK - Graduate Student) Prochlorococcus Isolations
Veronica Lance (Duke - Graduate Student) Primary Production
Allison Buchan (UTK - Professor) Bacterial (Roseobacter) Diversity
Gary LeCleir (UTK - Postdoc) Bacteria Isolation / Fe bioreporters
Audrey Cupp (UTK - graduate student) Viruses
Leo Poorvin (UTK - Postdoc) Bacterial Production
Janet Rowe (UTK - graduate student) Viruses
Ryan Lau (UH)
Microzooplankton Grazing
Robert Bidigare Jr. (UH)
HPLC pigments / CTD
Karen Selph (UH - Research Scientist)) Microzooplankton grazing
Sue Brown (UH - Research Scientist) Microzooplankton grazing
Jim Moffett (USC - Professor) Trace Metals
Dreux Chappell (WHOI - graduate student) Trace Metals, Iron-limitation of Trichodesmium
Daniel Ohnemus (WHOI - graduate student) Trace Metals
Andrew Rose (WHOI - graduate student) Trace Metals
Tyler Goepfert (WHOI - graduate student) Trace Metals
Eric Webb (USC - professor) Nitrogen Fixation
Annette Hynes (WHOI - graduate student) Diversity of nitrogen fixers
Whitney Krey (WHOI - graduate student) Bacterial Siderophores

----------------------- Non-ship participants -----------------------

Elizabeth Steffen

Argo floats

Carli Bober (UH - Graduate Student) Prochlorococcus diversity
Steve Wilhelm
viruses, iron, spiritual leader
Guangyi Wang
Fungal / Eukaryote Diversity
Eric Firing
Jules Hummon

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