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Joy Leilei Shih

Joy Shih

Graduate Student
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brian Popp
Department of Oceanography
Marine Geochemistry Division

University of Hawaii
Marine Science Building, Rm. 205
1000 Pope Road
Honolulu, HI  96822

Email: joyshih@hawaii.edu
Phone:    808-956-5362 (lab)

M.A.S., Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD          
Advisor: Dr. James J. Leichter
Degree Research: The Moorea Green Pearl Golf Course: An Assessment of the Changes and Impacts on the Coral Reef Environment from Recent Development and Land-use
B.A. Astrophysics (with additional concentrations in geology and dance), University of California, Berkeley 2001
Major Advisor: Dr. James R. Graham                                  

Additional Studies in Biological Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz                   
 Extension 2001-2003

•Stable isotope biogeochemistry
•Ocean acidification and the carbon and nitrogen cycles
•Marine conservation, marine pollution, plastic debris

•Study and characterization of bioluminescent and fluorescent properties of the marine worm Chaetopterus from Scripps Canyon and Fijian coral reef invertebrates (Deheyn/Latz Lab, SIO)
•Researched life history and reproduction of the marine bone-eating worm Osedax, Greg Rouse Lab (SIO)
•Researched the effectiveness and public perceptions of the MLPA (Marine Life Protection Act) and MPAs (Marine Protected Areas), San Diego, CA
•Determination of nutrients in seawater samples
•Clean methods determination of trace heavy metal contamination in sediments (OCP-OES and ICP-MS, SIO and UHM)
•Field work: Water sampling, sediment sampling, buoy service, fish surveys, casts, tows, transects, and invertebrate collections for own research and other researchers (San Diego, French Polynesia, Oahu)

•Water quality testing for the Surfrider Foundation and Environmental Health Services, San Mateo County
•Undergraduate Research Assistant, Remote Astronomy Lab, Philip Lubin Lab, University of California Santa Barbara
•Geology field work with the Department of Geology, University of California Santa Barbara
•Grader, Astronomy 10 and Astronomy 12, University of California Berkeley
•Instructor, Physics, Science Whiz Educational Program (Grade school after-school program)

•Senior Honors Project, Tracking and retrieval of data from geosynchronous satellite systems (GEO) for use in weather and communications projects, Department of Physics, Stanford University (1996)

WHOI/OCB award to attend EPOCA/BIOACID/CalMarO/OCB Ocean Acidification workshop at IFM-GEOMAR in Kiel, Germany, 2010
Invited speaker: CUHWC Conference 2008
Science Fair Judge
Guest speaker: Surfrider events, film premiers, company/corporate events, and classrooms.

•Surfrider Foundation: Executive Committee (San Diego Chapter), Advisory Committee and Core Volunteer (Oahu, San Mateo County, University of Hawaii Manoa Club, and San Francisco Chapters)

•Scientific Diver (SIO), Master Diver and Rescue Diver (NAUI), Advanced Open Water Diver (PADI), Nitrox Diver (NAUI)

•Homelessness service: Volunteer with The Rescue Mission (San Francisco and San Diego Chapters), Food Not Bombs (Santa Barbara, Berkeley, Palo Alto Chapters), Veterans Hall (Santa Cruz), Live Oak Family Resource Center (Santa Cruz), Rotacare Free Clinics (San Francisco Bay Area)

•Modern Dance: David Herrera Dance Company (Santa Barbara), University Dance Theatre (Berkeley), Santa Barbara Dance Theatre
Salsa Dance: Instructor, competitor, and performer. Companies: Salsa Mania Dance Company, Los Matanceros Dance Company, SalsaCrazy Instructor
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