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Notes on “On the pacing of glacial cycles by orbital variations”, a presentation by P. Huybers (09/17/09)

In this presentation, P. Huybers develops a simple model that tries to reproduce the variations of the climate. The model takes basic ingredients, such as the change of solar radiation due to the various processes responsible for changes in Earth-Sun distance. The model is tested against a null hypothesis via a measure that is independent of the error in depth-derived ages of the observations. It is found that the model reproduces well the variations with some minor exceptions. One of the conclusion of this work is that the climatic variations does follow the solar cycles, as Milankovich proposed, but not exclusively.

See Huybers and Wunsch (2004) and Huybers (2006) on apparently interesting papers on the calculation of uncertainty in depth-derived ages of climatic records. See also another paper that he has co-author with Tzipermann about the nonlinear phase locking between the Earth climate system and the solar forcing.