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09.18.12: Notes on TAV/PIRATA meeting, September 2012, Kiel, Germany

Notes on presentations

  • See Perez et al. (2012, JGR) for the interannual variability of of the TIWs
  • See Mignot et al. (2012, JGR) for the temperature inversion east of Hawaii
  • Marcus Dengler’s use of the Microglider on a SOCUM glider: - up to 5 weeks of data - low level noise - may be able to use solely the turbulence in the motion of the glider to deduce the turbulence!
  • See Moum and Zhao (JAO Tech, 2012) and Perlin and Moum (JAO Tech, 2012) for turbulence measurements from mooring


  • Effect of high-frequency wave variability on the transport of the EUC: compute the Stokes drift in OFES and see if it is important as a motivation. See Dennis Moore’s paper on the effect of waves on the EUC and the response to the paper.
  • Revisit the question of the effect of EDJs on the upper equatorial current system in the standard run. Does the EUC oscillate meridionally at the period of the EDJs?