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Tricks/Notes for myGrant for a NSF/Fastlane proposalΒΆ

  1. For the “Advance Notification”, my Firefox does not show all questions. Right hand click -> This Frame -> Open Frame in New tab. That is it!
  2. Sponsor deadline type for NSF: receipt
  3. Organization/Location: search for 1000 pope* in “Address” and look for your room number! MSB 423 return value is 002726
  4. In Tab ‘Key Personel’, add the PI and co-PI. It is easy to find them with their last name.
  5. For combined credit split, split 100% between each name. It should be close to the time actually spent but it does not have to be. Add 100% for unit total for each investigator. Both columns can have the same numbers
  6. In Tab ‘Special Review’, check ‘use of a watercraft’ if you are using a ship. Call Kathlynn Yoshinaga (956-4057) to discuss the matter. Check ‘Approved’ is the ship used already has all the necessary insurance (this is the case for UNOLS ships).
  7. Go to ‘Budget Versions’. Create a budget (name it and add it). Open it then add the total cost, total direct costs and indirect costs (F&A) for each year. Check ‘Final?’ and whether or not there are cost sharing. Finally, check ‘Complete’ when done.
  8. Go to ‘Proposal Actions’. In ‘Data Validation’, you will have all the questions you still need to answer. Answers them.
  9. Go to ‘Abstract and Attachments’. In ‘Abstract’, write down the summary/abstract of your proposal. In ‘Proposal Attachment’, upload the entire NSF Fastlane package. Choose ‘Sponsor Application Package (’. Check ‘complete’.
  10. Finally, in ‘Proposal Actions’, click submit. This will let ORS the right to see and check your document but only when you release it via Fastlane does ORS will submit it to NSF.