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03.23.2013: Mean zonal flow in various OFES runs

Figs. 1 to 3 show the zonal mean flow at three longitudes in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in three OFES runs: the run forced with climatological wind, the run forced with NCEP wind and the run forced with QSCAT wind. In all cases, the currents do not extend as deep as in the observations (except maybe in the western Pacific), only weak TICs and the first few EDJs are present.


Figure 1: (upper) 3-year and (lower) 1-year mean zonal flow at 20°W in the three OFES simulations. We choose also to show the 3-year mean because, in this case, we might expect the EDJs to be average out and the TICs to be the dominant signal at depth.


Figure 2: 3-year mean zonal flow at 160°W in the three OFES simulations.


Figure 3: 3-year mean zonal flow at 160°E in the three OFES simulations.

Figures plotted with plot_merid_sect_20W_various_runs.m in RESEARCH/PAPERS/numerical_simulation_of_EDJs/figures on the main ipu1 disk.