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01.24.13: Various results computed over one or two cycles

We show here results computed over either one or two cycles and with a cycle being either 100 or 90-day long. If we compare Figs. 2 and 3, it shows that the time rate of change and the nonlinear term of the equation are sensitive to the choice of the cycles while the dissipative term is not.


Figure 1: Terms in the Lagrangian-mean PV equation. Terms are shown as an equivalent velocity. The Lagrangian averages have been performed over 100-day long cycles and these have been further averaged out over two cycles (days 2015-2115 and days 2065-2165)


Figure 2: Same as Fig. 1 except the cycles are 90-day long and correspond to days 2015-2105 and days 2065-2155.


Figure 3: Same as Fig. 2 except that the second cycle corresponds to days 2060-2150.


Figure 4: Same as Fig. 2 except we show only the result of the first cycle.

computed with theory_test_several_cycles_script.m in RESEARCH/MODELISATION/HIM/studies/PV_and_dissipation/forced_damped_wave/exp20 on the main ipu1 disk. The Matlab files are diag_VC_two_cycles_100day_long_exp20.mat for Fig. 1, diag_VC_two_cycles_90day_long_exp20.mat for Figs. 2 and 4 and diag_VC_two_cycles_90day_long_exp20_diff_init_times.mat for Fig. 3, in that same directory.