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Notes on “Anthropogenic carbon dioxide transport in the Southern Ocean driven by Ekman flow” ny Ito et al. (2010)

“Lateral transport by eddy stirring along constant density (isopycnal) surfaces has been hypothesized to explain the northward transport. Although the distribution of some tracers, such as salinity and nutrients, are primarily oriented along isopycnal surfaces, others, such as potential vorticity, have significant gradients across the ACC. The dynamically relevant potential-vorticity gradients across the ACC may inhibit the eddy stirring of tracers at these latitudes, which challenges the hypothesized role of along-isopycnal eddy stirring.”

“Compensations between the mean flow and eddies are crucial in quantifying the lateral carbon transport. Figure 2b shows the decomposition using the zonal mean at constant latitude, where the net northward ACO2 transport is achieved by a relatively small residual between a northward mean transport and a southward eddy flux.”