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Evolution of potential vorticity (PV) in exp2_tΒΆ

In Fig. 1, q represents a snapshot of potential vorticity (PV) and Q its 100-day average for the middle layer of exp2_t. There is a quasi-linear decrease with time of the quantities differentiated in time (Fig. 1c and d) but this decrease seems to be negligible compared to the non-differentiated quantities (Fig. 1a and b). Can even this small change be responsible for the wild trajectories seen in exp2_t?


Figure 1: (a) Squared q(t), (b) squared (q(t+T)-q(t)), (c) squared Q, (d) squared (Q(t+T)-Q(t)). q is the snapshot of PV and Q is a 100-day average. T = 100 days is the period of the forcing. All quantities are from the middle and averaged over the domain. In (a), the quantity is plotted at the time of the snapshot, in (b) in the middle over the 100-day averaging period, in (c) at mid-distance between two snapshots and in (d) at mid-distance between two middles of a 100-day averaging period. For some reason, Q between day 2100 and 2200 was unrealistically smaller than the rest and has been disregarded in (b) and (d).