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03.19.2014: Study of the meridional scale of the jets

Here, we have estimated the meridional scale of the jets in the Lagrangian-mean circulation. The meridional scale is defined as the distance between two successive eastward and westwar jets; the more jets between 25N and 35N, the more estimates.

We see that the lower the friction coefficient, the smaller the meridional scale and, consequently, the more jets with a certain latitudinal range. (We still have to see if that is also the case for the biharmonic case.) In addition, this evolution does not seem to be sensitive to the strength of the wave field and we get about the same scale for both types of friction (at least over the values of the biharmonic friction explored so far).


Figure 1: Meridional scale (distance between two successive eastward and westwar jets) of the Lagrangian-mean circulation in the case of (upper) harmonic friction with τ= 2 τ0, (middle) harmonic friction with τ= τ0 and (lower) biharmonic friction with τ= τ0. The blue dashed lines are the expected meridional scale based on the scaling analysis of the LPV balance.

Figure 1 was plotted with study_merid_scale_UL.m in RESEARCH/MODELISATION/HIM/studies/PV_and_dissipation/forced_damped_wave/exp39/ on the main disk on ipu1.