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PV test in exp2_w and exp2_w2ΒΆ

Fig. 1 shows the difference between PV from output (either snapshot or average) and PV from the time integration of the PV equation along the trajectories of the six parcels followed in exp2_w. Fig. 2 shows the same thing but for exp2_w2 that has 300x300 points instead of 200x200. The difference between the two runs are small and not all the time the violation of the PV equation is smaller in exp2_w2. Furthermore, because the grid is different, we are not comparing exactly the same parcels so difference can arise because of that as well.


Figure 1: Violation of the PV equation along six parcels followed during one wave cycle in exp2_w (see The mean flow and waves in exp2_w).


Figure 2: Same as in Fig. 1 but in exp2_w2.