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04.30.2013: LPV analysis of exp2_l2 with double time resolutionΒΆ

I show here the LPV analysis of exp2_l2 with half-a-day resolution, instead of once-a-day resolution as in this note. We see that unlike in the previous case, now the terms deduced from either snapshots or averages are the same but we still do not have a balance suggesting that, after all, the model might not balance PV along trajectories.


Figure 1: Trajectories over 200 days in exp2_l2. The trajectories are nearly two closed loops.


Figure 2: LPV analysis for the 5 trajectories shown in Fig. 1 using snapshots (plain) or 1/2-day averages (dash).

The LPV analysis was done with LPV_analysis_all_time_script.m producing the Matlab file LPV_analysis_alltime_d8015d8215_8E11E_30N_mid_delta_tday_0_5_exp2_l2.mat, all in RESEARCH/MODELISATION/HIM/studies/diss_train_of_eddies/exp2/exp2_l2/analysis_halfaday on the main disk on ipu1.