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08.04.11: LPV analysis in the intermediate layer of exp6 (two-gyre case)ΒΆ

The LPV analysis is performed between days 1352 and 1998 in exp6 (400x400x3 points, KH=500 m2/s and AH=1.2e10 m4/s). Fig. 1 shows the Eulerian-mean PV over the period and a set of trajectories. The LPV analysis has been performed for all these parcels and the results are shown for four of them, the ones with the blue trajectories.


Figure 1: Eulerian-mean PV contours and trajectories of a set of parcels between day 1352 and 1998 in the intermediate layer. The LPV analysis for the four blue trajectories is shown in Fig. 2.


Figure 2: LPV analysis for the four parcels with the blue trajectory in Fig. 1. (blue) PV change based on the position of parcel in the instantaneous PV field, (red) PV change from the accumulative effect of PV dissipation D and (black) PV change based on the position of the parcel in the Eulerian-mean PV field. Quantities from 1-day snapshots of the velocity field are shown with a plain line, from 1-day averaged output are shown with dots.