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02.12.11: What cause the anomalies in nutrient in Spring at station ALOHAΒΆ

  1. Karl et al. (1996): short speculation on what causes the large anomalies of nutrient in Spring. They suggest internal wave breaking, double diffusion and interactions between eddies and Ekman flow, without going too much in details.
  2. Letelier et al. (2000): The authors discuss the role of mesoscale eddies in late Winter. They attribute the enhanced perturbations due to the enhanced mesoscale variability of the subtropical front that reaches station ALOHA in late Winter. Another interpretation, drawn from the HYCOM model, is that the seasonal displacement of the front generates locally strong horizontal gradient of density within the mixed layer that further destabilizes generating strong vertical comonent of velocity.
  3. Leonard et al. (2001): They speak of the meridional shift of the subtropical front (STF). They say that the STF migrate northward during Spring.
  4. Dore et al. (2002): Export due to influx of nitrate is nearly constant over the year with a slight increase in Winter-Spring.
  5. Letelier et al. (2004): Any isopycnal displacement is removed from the data presented in that paper so the effect of density variability associated with frontogenesis is damped.