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03.02.11: Things to do in the near futureΒΆ

  1. Spectral slope of horizontal flow from HOT data:
    1. change of slope between within and below the SML?
    2. change of slope within the SML between Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall?
    3. compare slopes with those obtained from the regional HYCOM model
  2. Re-calculate the distribution of density anomaly (or the equivalent depth anomaly) in the Okubo-Weiss (OW) space by removing the annual cycle. Plot the result for the ARGO floats that measure nitrate with those of nitrate and density anomaly (or an equivalent depth anomaly from nitrate and density), SSH and FSLE. From the 1/30th OFES model (see Fig. 8 in this note), we know that AVISO-like OW does not indicate the submesoscale features within the SML.
  3. Do large-scale gradients of SST peak in Winter-Spring?
  4. Are gradients of AVISO-like SSH in HYCOM correlated with the SML submesoscale features? Do they peak in Winter-Spring?
  5. Do extreme anomalies of stratification (Ns) occur in Winter-Spring? (by extreme, I mean value that are several times larger than the standard deviation, which means that they are produced locally and not advected horizontally from somewhere else)
  6. Are extreme anomalies in Ns in Winter in glider data submesoscale? Compare to large-scale SST (and SSH) gradient and wind speed.
  7. Compare spring nutrients events from HOT data to stratification, large-scale SST (and SSH) gradient and wind speed. Are there cases where nutrient events occur with low speed but during the period of restratification, associated with large-scale SST (and/or SSH) gradient?