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02.06.11: Things to do for a futur presentationΒΆ

  1. Keep going the analysis of HOT data: a. compute histogram of Rossby number (do we see an annual cycle in R?) b. look at data from other instruments and see the evolution of the spectrum with respect to depth (do we see that submesoscale features are trapped in the mixed layer? do we see the same evolution than that predicted by Klein and colleagures?)
  2. Re-calculate the distribution of density anomaly (or the equivalent depth anomaly) in the Okubo-Weiss (W) space by removing the annual cycle
  3. Add to the figure that compares density anomaly, nitrate anomaly, SSH and FSLE, the time series of W. Replace the plots of density and nitrate anomaly with that of an equivalent depth anomaly and re-compute the correlation
  4. Much longer to do would be to compute the distribution of density anomaly with respect to FSLE; I don’t think it is worthy to do given the little correlation we find for the record of one ARGO float.
  5. When computing the correlation between density and nitrate anomaly, remove an annual cycle in the nitrate record (following Letelier et al.’s analysis)
  6. histogram of observed nitrate events compared to histogram of nitrate events modeled in the 1/10th OFES model (no submesoscale) to show that it is unlikely that the observed distribution may explained entirely by sampling of mesoscale field