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Some thoughts (11/05/09)ΒΆ

  • Understand the relationship, especially their relative positions, between upwelling/downwelling and horizontal stretching (read Thomas et al. 2007). How can we infer vertical velocities –at least qualitatively– from FSLE or any other measure from the horizontal field.
  • Besides evidences from SST and surface Chl, any other link between FSLE and submesoscale features?
  • According to Lapeyre and Klein (2006), 60% of upwelling can be explained by filaments (either around or outside eddies). Still, 40% can be explained by mesoscale eddies so that a measure of mesoscale eddies might also be needed to explain the observed upwelling events by the float.
  • A numerical experiment would enable: 1) to justify or not the use of SQG theory, 2) understand the relationship between upwelling events and FSLE –but only from a statistical sense.
  • Use of SGQ theory to induce the vertical velocities and explain the observations of upwelling nutrients by the float. Not enough resolution? See papers where SQG theory has been applied to observations and ask Patrice 1) his view on it and 2) his routines.