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07.27.11: Relationship between end of seasonal thermocline and SST gradient during WHOTS and in HYCOM


Figure 1: (a) BF at 100 m during WHOTS (thick line is the 31-day running mean and (b) SST gradient at WHOTS location estimated from the GHR SST product. The SST field has been smoothed by a 0.25°high-pass filter.


Figure 2: As in Fig. 1 but in the HYCOM model. Notice that because of lack of resolution, the observed SST gradient is a smoothed version of actual gradient and thus is almost an order of magnitude weaker than the SST gradient in HYCOM.

Computed with WHOTS_N_SST_analysis_1.m in RESEARCH/PROJECTS/MARINE_BIOLOGY/SUBMESOSCALE_PROCESSES/WHOTS/analysis on the main disk.