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12.23.10: Notes on “Interannual to interdecadal salinity variations observed near Hawaii” by Lukas and Santiago-Mandujano (2008)

Station ALOHA “is slightly south of the climatological center of the zonally elongated surface salinity maximum of the North Pacific subtropical gyre”

“The water masses present in the upper kilometer at ALOHA are the North Pacific Tropical Water (NPTW), the Eastern North Pacific Subtropical Mode Water (ESMW), the Shallow Salinity Minima (SSM), the North Pacific Intermediate Water (NPIW), and the Antarctic Intermediate Water (AAIW).”

“NPTW is formed in the central subtropical gyre near the subtropical fronts where it is subducted and advected to ALOHA (Suga et al., 2000)” with “mean depths of 100–140 m”.