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01.05.10: Notes on Chapter 4 “Spatial and Temporal Modulation of Thermohaline Structure” of Cole’s dissertation (2010)

They study the horizontal structure of the thermohaline field (spice) from the meridional section of glider data north of Hawaii.

Do they remove the tidal signal? If yes, how?

Should we look at also the thermohaline structure as a signature of filamentation? (that is look at salinity and nitrate along an isopycnal in the ARGO float data)

“Raw profiles were averaged into 10 m vertical bins.”

“Because gliders profile relatively slowly, taking 5.8 hours between dives, the Nyquist frequency falls within the internal wave band. As gliders move 5.4 km between dives, internal waves are aliased into wavenumbers higher than about 0.03 cycles km-1 (Rudnick and Cole 2010)”

Variance of structures less than 25 km and 1 day are defined as the mean of the variance over 25-km bin.