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03.02.11: Nitrate and stratification in ARGO float 5145

I compare the nitrate to stratification as observed by the ARGO float 5145. Two conclusions:

  1. The three short events of large anomalies in nitrate between days 400 and 500 (since Jan. 1, 2008) as well as the event beofre day 800 (three events that are not due the passage of an eddy) coincide with the moment where the seasonal stratification is weak.
  2. Although the event before day 800 is associated with large anomalies in buoyancy frequency within the re-stratifying surface mixed layer, this is not the case for the three events ebtween days 400 and 500, suggesting that it might always be possible to relate nutrient anomalies with buoyancy frequency anomalies –the timing of the nitrate events should, however, coincide with the timing of weak seasonal stratification, as suggested by point #1.

Figure 1: Nitrate measured by ARGO float 5145.


Figure 1: Stratification measured by ARGO float 5145.