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Meeting with Kelvin (12/30/09)


  • Explain the floater’s observations:
    • using FSLE: there may be an interesting result that still needs a quantitative assessment.
    • using SQG: we may be limited by the resolution of SSH product
    • using existing high-resolution numerical outputs (Paulo’s model) to test the skills of our analytical tools
    • using surface Chl
  • Explain the glider’s observations in the same way?
  • New numerical simulation:
    • specific to a region to the east of the Hawaiian islands
    • more realistic forcing by mesoscale eddies
    • passive and active tracers
    • effect of wind and Ekman dynamics (is this new?)
    • effect of downscaling (not new)
    • relation between FSLE, SQG-deduced vertical velocity, vertical velocity and passive tracer up/downwelling
  • Relation between FSLE and other components of the biogeochemical system:
    • Tuna and turtle
    • DMS
  • Analysis of the 1/10 and 1/30 deg. OFES runs