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12.08.10: Justification of the method to estimate the anomaly in density using WH02a dataΒΆ

I would like to define the density anomalies by removing the monthly mean density field of the APDRC/ARGO product. To justify the method, I use the WH02a time series near station ALOHA, for which the anomaly can be defined differently, that is by keeping periods shorter than half a year. The vertical average of these two anomalies between 115 and 160 m are plotted in Fig. 1. We can see that the ARGO method succeeds relatively well in isolating the temporal structure of the density field other than the seasonal change.


Figure 1: Anomalies in density averaged between 115 and 160 m: (black) from the APDRC/ARGO monthly mean field and (blue) from the high-frequency component (periods smaller than 365/2 days) of the time series. The APDRC/ARGO monthly mean and its anomaly are in /home/gyoji/t1d2/francois/RESEARCH/PROJECTS/MARINE_BIOLOGY/SUBMESOSCALE_PROCESSES/FSLE/analysis/WHOTS/APDRC_WHOTS_monthly_mean_wh02a.mat and was computed with RESEARCH/PROJECTS/MARINE_BIOLOGY/SUBMESOSCALE_PROCESSES/FSLE/analysis/WHOTS/APDRC_WHOTS_monthly_mean_script.m.