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03.29.11: Histogram of upper-ocean stratification from ARGO dataset and in the HYCOM simulation

Here, I compare the histogram of the Brunt-Vaisala frequency (BVF) in the upper 50 m obtained from ARGO data and in the regional HYCOM simulation in a domain northeast of station ALOHA. The sampling between the observations and the model is different –all BVF values within the domain are shown for the model– but we assume that the statsitics do not change.

We see there are qualitative differences between the two. There are relatively much more large BVF values in the model than in the ocean and the histogram varies much more in time in the model than in the ocean.


Figure 1: Histogram of BVF in the upper 50 m from ARGO data extracted from the region 158°W-146°W and 22°N-25°N during 2005-2010.


Figure 2: Same as Fig. 1 but from the regional HYCOM output extracted for the period Jul. 2009-June 2010.