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FSLE and vertical velocity in Paulo’s model

The backward-in-time FSLE from Paulo’s model has been calculated for model day 80 (Fig. 1) and is compared to the absolute vertical velocity at 60(?) m for the same day (Figs. 2 and 3).


Figure 1: Backward-in-time FSLE calculated for model day 80 in Paulo’s model (80 days with initial distance of 0.01° and final distance of 0.4°, using the 2-day velocity field at 10(?) m). Computed with RESEARCH/PROJECTS/MARINE_BIOLOGY/SUBMESOSCALE_PROCESSES/FSLE/analysis/corr_vert_vel_in_Calil_model/fsle_for_comp_with_w_Paulo_model.m.


Figure 2: Absolute vertical velocity for model day 80 at 60(?) m.


Figure 3: Fig. 1 and 2 alternating.

All large values of submesoscale vertical velocity are part of a region with high values of FSLE. There are several mesoscale regions of large vertical velocity that seem to correspond rather to the inside of mesoscale eddies. Furthermore, not all large values of FSLE correspond to region of large vertical velocity. What makes the quantitative comparison difficult is also that the FSLE and vertical velocity patterns are composed of small-scale large values.