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12.13.10: Estimate of the scale of the shallow high-frequency events in density surfaces in WH01a

I estimate the zonal scale of the shallow high-frequency events in density anomaly observed during the first deployment of WHOTS data (WH01a; Fig. 1).

First, I estimated the zonal speed of the coherent structure using AVISO SSH anomaly by calculating the time at which the lag correlation between the time series at the location of the WHOTS mooring and at another location to the west of it is maximum. This was done for several longitudes within 5° to west of the WHOTS location. It was found that the westward speed is 8.46 cm/s±1.8 cm/s.

Second, I visually estimated the length in time of the various high-frequency events (the events are shown by vertical dash line in Fig. 1a in this note) . I found that the events last from 3 to 9 days. This give a scale fo 17-27 km for the shorter event and 52-80 km for the longer one. Thus all events are submesoscale.


Figure 1: (a) Potential density (referenced at the surface) during WH01a. (b) AVISO SSH at the location of the WHOTS mooring.