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A comparison of Francesco’s and Francois’ routines to compute FSLE - Part 2

All right; I misunderstood. I thought there was no temporal interpolation. When I interpolate the flow field every 3 days, instead of keeping the original 7-day output, the comparison is now much better (Fig. 1).


Figure 1: Stable manifold of the T/P SSH surface geostrophic flow for Aug. 25, 2004 with initial distance of 0.03° and final distance of 0.6° calculated from various methods.

PS: I cannot compare with Octave, but with the interpolation, the code is significantly longer and I have encountered problem of memory when I tried to apply to a much larger area. In conclusion, I do not think my MATLAB routines are very efficient. At least now, I am glad to know I am doing the same thing.