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Surface and interior mode decomposition - A primeur

I present here the first results from the decomposition of a surface and interior modes following Lapeyre (2009). Lapeyre’s code is tested for a profile that has a barotropic and second baroclinic mode and a surface mode. The horizontal pattern is a wave with a meridional wavelength of 5°. Vertical profiles of the relative vorticity ζ and potential density anomaly σ are shown in Fig. 1 for varying amplitude of the surface mode.


Figure 1: Vertical profiles of (a) ζ and (b) σ for varying amplitude of the surface mode at one location in the 10°x10° domain. The amplitude of the surface mode increases from the left to the right of the profiles.


Figure 2: Amplitude of the interior modes at the wavenumber of the wave: (a) and (b) computing after removing the surface mode and (c) and (d) without removing the surface mode. The difference between the left and right panels is the vertical scale which is linear and logarithmic, respectively. This decomposition has been performed using 50 vertical interior modes, the depth range 0-5500 m, the first 100 m to compute the surface mode amplitude and method 2 that does not perform any correction to the ‘mirrored’ fields. The color code is the same as in Fig. 1.