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10.07.10: Ratio interior surface mode in the North Pacific

The interior and surface component of relative vorticity have been computed in a suite of 6 10°x10° boxes located between 210°E and 220°E and shifted every 5° between 10°N and 45°N. The spatial (horizontal only) root mean squared (rms) of the interior and surface components of relative vorticity is the computed in each box and their ratio is plotted in Fig. 1. We see the dramatic change in regime from a regime dominated by the interior component in the subtropical gyre south of the Subtropical Front (STF) and a regime of a mix of interior and surface components to the north in the subpolar gyre.


Figure 1: Ratio of the (horizontal) rms of the surface and interior component of relative vorticity in six boxes between 210°E and 220°E and shifted by 5° in the meridional direction.

Computed with main_script_2.m in RESEARCH/PROJECTS/MARINE_BIOLOGY/SUBMESOSCALE_PROCESSES/Decomp_Surface_Normal_Modes/analysis/OFES_qscat_0_1_global_3day.