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Pool of nitrate in the North Pacific subtropical gyre in the 1/10th-deg. OFESΒΆ

Figs.1 to 4 shows the mean structure of the pool of nitrate during 2004 in the North Pacific subtropical gyre. The region poor in nutrients widens and deepens from east to west but even at 160E, the 10N thermocline ridge rich in nutrient is still present –although 100 m deeper than at 140W–, and could still be an important source of nutrient for the rest of the gyre to the north.


Figure 1: 2004 mean nitrate at 120 m.


Figure 2: 2004 mean nitrate at 20 N.


Figure 3: 2004 mean nitrate at 160E.


Figure 4: 2004 mean nitrate at 140W.