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Literature to read and work to do


  • Lee and Williams (2000)
  • Oschlies et al. (2000)
  • Oschlies (2001)
  • Oschlies (2002)
  • Williams and Follows (2003): Good and relatively simple review
  • Mouriño-Carbadillo and Neuer (2008): not too informative.
  • Palter et al. (2005): The effect of advection on the nutrient reservoir in the North Atlantic subtropical gyre. Nature, 437, 687–692. From Mouriño-Carbadillo and Neuer (2008).

To do:

  • Plot the zonal and time averaged density and nitrate in OFES. Are the contours the same –it should not be according to Oschlies (AGU, 2010)?
  • In observations (ALOHA station and floater) and model, plot nitrate versus density. Is the relationship the same in the different observations and in the model? Plot also the anomaly in nutrient around this relationship. What can we conclude?
  • In observations of nitrate (station ALOHA) and Chl (satellite) and in the model quantities, is the seasonal variation skewed as the time series of EKE? A possible explanation is the restratification of the eddies, flattening the isopycnal, stopping the supply of nutrient and inhibiting primary production into the upper ocean (Lee and Williams 2003).
  • Calculate diagnostic of the zonal and time-averaged flux form of the tracer equation as in Lee and Williams (2003).
  • Under-sample the model as in the observations to see if we could have missed up-welling events. Also, consider interannual variability.