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10.22.10: Decomposition into the surface and interior mode in the northeastern Pacific: rms diagnostics

I show here some results concerning the decomposition into surface and interior modes for several domains between 210°E and 220°E in the northeastern Pacific for one snapshot (2004/1/3) of the OFES model. The root mean squared (RMS) of each component is calculated for each 10°by 10°domain.


Figure 1: Root mean squared (rms) of (a) the streamfunction and (b) potential density anomalies for the region between 30°N and 40°N. The black line is the total component, the red line the surface component and the blue line the interior component. Only wavelengths less than 400 km are kept. 18 interior modes are used. The amplitude of the surface mode is calculated using the upper 400 m. The matlab file is OFES_surf_normal_mode_decomp_297E_307E_30N_40N_20040103.mat in RESEARCH/PROJECTS/MARINE_BIOLOGY/SUBMESOSCALE_PROCESSES/Decomp_Surface_Normal_Modes/analysis/OFES_qscat_0_1_global_3day and was computed with main_script_1.m.


Figure 2: Same as Fig. 1 but for the region between 10°N and 20°N.


Figure 3: RMS of the total component for each domain.


Figure 4: RMS of the total (black), surface (red) and interior (blue) components at the surface for (a) the streamfunction and (b) potential density anomalies in each domain.

OFES_surf_normal_mode_decomp_rms_psi_pd_210E220E_sev_lat_20040103.mat computed with main_script_2.m both in RESEARCH/PROJECTS/MARINE_BIOLOGY/SUBMESOSCALE_PROCESSES/Decomp_Surface_Normal_Modes/analysis/OFES_qscat_0_1_global_3day.