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02.05.2013: Third analysis of run 001

Here, we continue the exploration of the behavior of the solution in the framework of run001. We fixed the initial condition for V (V0=0.25). Zooplankton are still not present and conditions are still spatially uniform. We look for the max of Ps and Pi, the timing of this max, as well as their final values for various initial conditions of Ps0 and Pi0. So far, all simulations were done with zero initial conditions for Pi.

We see a somewhat more complex behavior than in previous analyses. First, we find that there is a certain value (Ps0,Pi0)=(0.375,0.3) for which the max of Ps is minimized while the max of Pi overall increases for larger value of Ps0 and Pi0.

The timing of these max values has also a complex pattern. For Ps0>Pi0>0.3, the max of Ps is obtained right at the beginning of the run while for 0.3<Ps0<Pi0, the timing of max Ps increases with larger values of Ps0 and Pi0 (Figs. 3 and 4). The pattern is even more complex for Ps0 and Pi0 smaller than 0.3. Basically, when Ps is initially high and Pi low, it takes a bit of time for Pi to reach its maximum value (Fig. 5). When Pi is initially high and Ps low, there is first a collapse of the Pi and V population before it recovers (Fig. 6) so that it takes even longer for Pi to reach its maximum.

As was the case in previous analyses, the final value of Ps and Pi are independent of initial conditions.


Figure 1: Maximum value of Ps and its timing and the final value of Ps.


Figure 2: Maximum value of Pi and its timing, and the final value of Pi.


Figure 3: Time series of Ps, Pi and V for (Ps0,Pi0) = (0.8, 0.4).


Figure 4: Time series of Ps, Pi and V for (Ps0,Pi0) = (0.4, 0.8).


Figure 5: Time series of Ps, Pi and V for (Ps0,Pi0) = (0.3, 0.1).


Figure 6: Time series of Ps, Pi and V for (Ps0,Pi0) = (0.1, 0.3).

To do

  1. Time series for v0=0.4 and Ps0 = {0.2, 0.5, 0.8} with Pi0=0.
  2. Time series for V0=0.4, Ps0 = 0.4 and Pi0 = {0.1, 0.3}.

To produce Figs. 1 and 2, in RESEARCH/MODELISATION/marine_viruses/current_version/runs/run_001 has been used and they were plotted with in RESEARCH/MODELISATION/marine_viruses/current_version/runs/run_001/analysis/manyruns_3/. Figs. 3 to 6 were made with in RESEARCH/MODELISATION/marine_viruses/current_version/runs/run_001/analysis/.